At the helm of SAFE International™ is founder and CEO Christopher Roberts. Since forming SAFE International™ over 20 years ago, Chris has firmly established his company as Canada’s leader in self-protection instruction. And in doing so, has expanded throughout the U.S. and internationally as well. Through Chris’ vision, SAFE International™ has taught more than 200,000 individuals since 1994 and continues to meet the growing needs of people, corporations, organizations and schools year after year. SAFE International™ has continuously provided both effective, and highly memorable, personal protection instruction through their unique ability to reach clients in a way that enables them to retain and utilize the skills if necessary. This is not a martial arts program, but rather, a practical and realistic approach to personal safety.

SAFE International™ understands that the average person might only ever participate in one self defense course in their lifetime.  Most of our clients lead busy lives at work and at home.  But one thing they all have in common is, when they contact us, they are looking for practical but essential self defense instruction. This instruction is designed to provide peace of mind and a feeling of safety and security when it comes to the possibility of facing violence in the real world.

Here are just a few of the reasons that people have booked a course with SAFE International:

  • I am a teacher and I was looking for a self defense course for my students.
  • My child is being bullied and I would like them to learn how to be more prepared for it.
  • Myself and a group of girlfriends were looking for a self defense that was effective, but also fun and non-intimidating.
  • Our company was looking for a unique lunch and learn topic and the subject of self defense and safety came up at our last meeting.
  • Our daughter is heading off to college next year and we want her to have some self defense training.

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