There’s a difference between learning how to fight, practicing martial arts, and self defense. A credible self defense system will teach you about these differences. Yes, there is a physical component to each and defending yourself physically is an important part of what is taught. But true self defense starts long before things get physical with the goal of preventing physical violence in the first place.

  • True self defense is much more than learning a few moves and thinking you are now prepared to deal with potential violence.
  • True self defense is about recognizing the signs of potential confrontation and avoiding it or learning the strategies to avert danger before it ever becomes physical.

This is not a martial arts program, rather, it's a course in self-defense for women who want to learn real life tactics to fend off predators. Grand River Shotokan offers the SAFE International Self-defense program for groups of 5 to 10 women per session.  The cost of each session is $50 per person and runs for 5 to 6 hours. The course can be scheduled for 1 day or divided into 5 days or less. Contact Sensei Francisco for more information and to book a SAFE session for you and your friends. Learn more about SAFE International.